This is often our disclaimer page. You’ll be able discover here more imperative data approximately us. What are we doing? How do we do it? How we demonstrate the price of any Official and Informal versatile phones. To begin with of all, you would like to be persistent, since this page is going as well enormous and long. So let’s begin examined.

How do we overhaul the cost?

We collect the costs from the official site for official phones. For getting the informal cost, we contact our beat informal phone shop all over Bangladesh. In that case, in some cases it would be the off-base data, for that we ought to excuse us. Because doing mistakes is human nature. In case you discover out any botch, at that point we are going be happy, on the off chance that you’ll be able tell us approximately the botch by submitting a shape that we gave you on the contact us page.

Techtunes as a rule appears the official cost in Bangladesh when a item is accessible authoritatively. The unofficial costs on our location assessed at universal costs in Bangladeshi Taka. They may or may not be accessible within the retail shops in Bangladesh. The informal costs may shift in numerous shops as well.

Moreover, the costs and status of different devices alter. We attempt to overhaul the data as before long as we get it. But we don’t ensure that all the gadgets on our location are accessible at the same price at this minute which their status is adjust.


We too don’t ensure that the determinations are 100curate. Most of the specs collected from the official locales of each brand and a few other trusted sources. Be that as it may, there’s continuously the plausibility of making botches by both parties amid manual information section or any other reasons.

Some of the time, we collect the specifications of the phone from other top-rated smartphone’s information-based websites. We describe the complete details of any mobiles. We need to create beyond any doubt the customer’s fulfillment. For this reason, we built our site in a user-friendly way. In case, the clients can easily find everything in a moment.

Reviews and Rating

We continuously gave the rating based on the mobile’s determinations. You’ll think, we utilized this phone and after that audit it. But I must say, it is off-base. We see the details to begin with and after that our writers were given the rating physically in his point of see.

The appraisals and audits of person items subjected to the inquire about, knowledge, understanding, supposition, and involvement of the author. They are generally based on the general understanding of the details, showcase patterns, pricing, and user input. You’ll be able contact us by mail.

How to purchase the phones from us?

We have told you a few shop names in our Official Showrooms, Informal Showrooms page to offer assistance our guests to know about popular neighborhood retail shops and online shops. Be that as it may, we don’t ensure that the estimating of our site and the estimating of the shops will be the same or merely can discover all the most recent phones on our location in those shops.

Too, each shop is mindful for its claim items, guarantee, conveyance, and so on. We don’t have a association with any shop or brand as the reason of Techtunes is to remain a impartial, autonomous versatile phone info-based website. Thanks to visit the disclaimer page. 

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