Samsung Galaxy S24 series announcement is scheduled for 17th January: What do we know so far

Samsung has officially confirmed that their new Galaxy S24 series smartphones will be unveiled on 17th January 2024. Three smartphones are expected: Galaxy S24Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra, pretty much the same lineup as last year. Some information about these phones has already leaked. These are all still considered rumors since the official announcement hasn’t happened yet. However, we can make a picture about what to expect so far.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series specs

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra purple

Leaked images show that the phone has a full flat or boxy shape. There is no presence of any sort of curve at all. Some may have concerns that if the fabric of your pants is too light and soft, the corners of the phone may damage your pants under certain conditions. We haven’t seen any real hands-on reviews, but this is a valid concern right now. Nevertheless, it looks pretty bold.

This is coming with a trendy and durable titanium frame which may also reduce the weight of the gadget compared to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The screen is expected to be a 6.8” Dynamic AMOLED 2X with 2600 nits peak brightness and QHD+ resolution. The camera module on the back is supposed to carry fivee different lenses. A 200 MP main lens is going to be accompanied by four different telephoto lenses of which the strongest one will have 10X optical zoom (100x Space Zoom)

It will have the so-called “Galaxy AI” feature as shown in the official teaser. This will be mainly used to improve performance and offer features such as Live Translation. There will be a big vapor chamber for an advanced cooling system. This is in prime focus since the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max and Xiaomi 14 Pro, both latest flagships with a titanium frame are showing heating issues. A Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset is going to be used with 12 GB RAM and 256 or 512 GB storage variants. The battery capacity will be 5000 mAh and the fast charger will take about half an hour to charge the phone from 0 to 65%. The S-Pen remains and we’ll have Emergency SOS via satellite feature as seen in the latest Apple phones.

Galaxy S24+

Samsung Galaxy S24+ silver

This one is coming with curved edges and this might be a relief for some. The frame here is made with Armor Aluminum 2.0, which is a tougher grade aluminum than the regular ones. We are expecting a 6.7-inch screen with the same resolution, brightness and technology as the Ultra model. The camera is reduced to a 50 MP main lens accompanied by two telephoto lenses with 2x and 3x optical zoom. This is also coming with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 flagship chipset. There may also be an Exynos 2400 chipset for some countries. The battery size is 4900 mAh and the charging time is similar.

Galaxy S24

Samsung Galaxy S24 gold

This one is very similar to the S24+ model, but the screen is a smaller 6.2” and the resolution is Full HD instead of Quad HD. The RAM size here is also reduced to 8 GB and you’ll have a lower 128 GB storage option. The battery size is just 4000 mAh but since the screen size is much smaller and the resolution is also lower, the battery life wouldn’t be that lower compared to the above models.

All of these devices are IP68 rated water resistant and will ship with the latest Android 14 version.


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