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Never Run Out of Talk Time: The Ultimate Guide to Robi Balance Check Codes (2024)

Staying connected in Bangladesh? This comprehensive guide details ALL Robi balance check codes for main balance, internet, minutes, SMS, and even emergency top-up! Learn how to check your Robi balance quickly and easily, and optimize your mobile experience. 🇧Դ


Staying connected with friends, family, and colleagues is crucial in today’s world. If you’re a Robi mobile subscriber in Bangladesh, knowing how to check your balance is essential to avoid running out of talk time, internet data, or SMS messages.

This comprehensive guide will equip you with all the Robi balance check codes you’ll ever need! We’ll cover checking your main account balance, internet data balance, call minute balance, SMS balance, and even how to access an emergency top-up if needed.

Checking Your Robi Main Balance

The most common scenario is wanting to know your overall account balance. Here’s how to do it with Robi:

  • Dial *222#: This is the simplest and most widely used code to check your Robi main balance. Once you dial the code and press send, you’ll receive a message on your screen displaying your current account balance in Taka (TK).
  • Dial *1#: This is another alternative code for checking your Robi main balance. It functions identically to *222# and will display your current account balance on your screen.

Checking Your Robi Internet Data Balance

Managing your internet data usage is vital, especially with data packages. Here’s how to check your remaining internet data on Robi:

  • Dial *3#: This USSD code (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is specifically designed to display your remaining internet data balance. After dialing and sending the code, you’ll receive a message showing your current data allowance in Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB).

Checking Your Robi Call Minute Balance

Robi offers various call minute packages. Here’s how to check your remaining minutes for different call types:

  • On-Net Minutes: Dial 2222# to check your remaining minutes for calls within the Robi network.
  • Off-Net Minutes: Dial 2229# to check your remaining minutes for calls to other mobile networks in Bangladesh.
  • Bundle Minutes: If you’ve subscribed to a specific call minute bundle, refer to the specific instructions provided with the bundle activation. These instructions might involve dialing a dedicated code or checking your balance through the My Robi App.

Checking Your Robi SMS Balance

Texting is a popular communication method. Here’s how to check your remaining SMS balance on Robi:

  • Dial 22212#: This code displays your remaining SMS balance on your screen.

Robi Jhotpot: Emergency Top-Up

If you find yourself running low on balance and urgently need to make a call or send a text, Robi offers a convenient emergency top-up service called “Jhotpot.”

  • Dial *8#: This code checks your eligibility for Jhotpot.
  • Dial 123007#: If eligible, use this code to receive a small loan (typically 12 Taka) added to your account balance. This loan is for calls and SMS only and comes with a service charge.

Additional Tips for Robi Balance Management

  • My Robi App: Download the My Robi App for a more comprehensive overview of your balance, data usage, call history, and recharge options.
  • Robi Website: Visit the Robi website ( for detailed information on all their services, packages, and balance check methods.
  • Customer Care: Contact Robi customer care at 123 (toll-free) for any assistance with balance checks or other inquiries.


By following this guide, you’ll be a master at managing your Robi mobile account! With the handy balance check codes and additional tips, you can stay connected and avoid any unexpected service disruptions. Remember, Robi also offers a variety of recharge options to keep your account topped up.

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