OnePlus 12 and 12R globally launched: Should you consider buying one of them?

There is nothing new to say about the OnePlus flagship smartphones. They are already well-established in the industry and are known for constantly bringing the latest standard of hardware and software. This year’s flagship OnePlus 12 is out now. Then there is also the OnePlus12R which is a lower cost device with some compromises in the specs.

OnePlus 12 was initially launched in China on 11th December 2023. This is the global version of the same phone. This one packs OxygenOS 14 UI instead of ColorOS 14 that is available for the Chinese version. ColorOS was developed by Oppo and OnePlus was founded by some people from Oppo, so there is some joint work going on. The 12R model is brand new, and we didn’t see a Chinese launch of it. However, this looks like a rebranded OnePlus Ace 3 for China.

OnePlus 12

The question is why should you choose a OnePlus flagship ignoring brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Apple, Asus and Nothing phone that have some hardcore devices right now? It’s a good question. OnePlus is very strong on their software side. Their UI is admired in the industry for a very clean and optimized experience. The design looks unique. If it’s something that matches your style, it’s a good combo. It is giving 4 generations of OS upgrades and 5 years of security update. So, it’s stable for the long run.

This is not a gadget for camera freaks. If mobile photography is your top priority, you can skip it right now. Check out something from Apple, Samsung, Vivo or even Xiaomi. It’s not a very bad camera, but it’s simply behind. You can check out expert reviews from around the web and decide for yourself. There is no lack in the performance section, though. You are getting the latest standard flagship performance as usual with a big battery, 100W charger, Hi-Res audio and solid build quality.

OnePlus 12R

The big benefit here is that you are getting the same software at a lower cost. OS upgrade is reduced to three years instead of four and the security update policy is for four years instead of five. But that’s still a good deal considering the price. Then the design is also very identical. Everyone else may think you are carrying the flagship OnePlus 12.

There are some compromises in its screen resolution, camera and performance. Here again, we do not recommend it in terms of photography at all. But the screen and performance are excellent for what you are paying. It’s overall a fine device, just the camera section is weaker than it should be. It has a strong build quality, but any kind of water resistance wasn’t mentioned. So, it can be that there is in-built splash resistance without an IP rating, but it sure doesn’t have a water resistance. The Hi-Res audio is gone, but the dual stereo speakers remain.


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